Secondhand Bicycles

Buy your secondhand bike at the Laag Catharijne bicycle shops in Utrecht. Laag Catharijne has a large assortment of used bicycles. Whatever your wishes are, with three locations in Utrecht you can be assured of a purchase.

What kind of secondhand bicycles can you find at Laag Catharijne?

The bicycle shops of Laag Catharijne in Utrecht all offer different types of secondhand bicycles. Generally, these are traditional granny-bikes, ladies’ bicycles or men’s bicycles, but sometimes you will also come across electric bikes, mountain bikes, racing or touring bikes, mum’s bikes or children’s bicycles. The range of used bikes from Laag Catharijne in Utrecht varies weekly. Both the purchase and sale of secondhand bikes can go very fast. Are you looking for a nice, inexpensive and reliable secondhand bike, then come along more often at one of our bicycle shops to browse through our assortment of used bikes.

Our secondhand bicycles are guaranteed of good quality

All our secondhand bikes are completely refurbished and renovated. In most cases you will hardly be able to see that they are used bicycles. You will get 6 months warranty on technical defects. Are you looking for something really cheap? We always have a set of secondhand bicycles in stock where no effort has been made to make the bikes look like new, the so called “station bikes”.

Looking for a special secondhand bike?

Do you have something special in mind? An authentic granny-bike from the 50s or a secondhand fixed bike? Let us know and we’ll give you a call if a bike that meets the descriptions comes to us.

Used bikes are for sale at the following locations:

Bicycleshop Laag Catharijne

De Fietsenwinkel Laag Catharijne

Rental & Repair Laag Catharijne