Mum’s bikes

If you want to buy a mum’s bike, take a look at the Laag Catharijne bicycle shops first. Our mum’s bikes are low-priced and meet all the requirements you set as a mother. They are solid, trendy and above all safe.

A mum’s bike differs in a number of ways from a regular ladies bike:

  • the low entry: an extra low entry ensures that you can safely get on the bike when your child is sitting in front or behind.
  • extra stability: mum’s bikes always have a stand with two legs, a so-called ‘middle box’. This makes the mum’s bike more stable and allows children to board more easily.
  • the steering lock: if the bike is on the stand the steering wheel can not move. This way you can easily and safely place your children in the child seat.
  • a longer luggage carrier: the long luggage carrier ensures that your child has enough space on the back.
  • more legroom: the distance between handlebars and saddle is larger for a mum’s bike. This way you also have enough legroom with a child seat at the wheel.
  • extra sturdy: all components on the bike are extra reinforced: the luggage carrier, the standard, the steering wheel and of course the frame, but also the wheels and spokes.

Mum’s bikes are for sale at the following locations:

Bicycleshop Laag Catharijne

De Fietsenwinkel Laag Catharijne

Rental & Repair Laag Catharijne