Looking for a nice and robust granny-bike? The Laag Catharijne bicycle shops in Utrecht sell granny-bikes in all shapes and sizes.

Granny-bikes at Laag Catharijne

There’s a reason that the granny-bike is the most popular bike in the Netherlands. It’s low entry and little to no fuss makes this bike ideal for daily rides. The classic model gives the bike a timeless look. And the high handlebars ensure a comfortable sitting posture.

Grandpa-bikes at Laag Catharijne

There is also a men’s version of the granny-bike, with a horizontal crossbar. This is less convenient when boarding, especially when wearing a skirt, but gives the bike extra strength and stability. The ‘grandpa-bike’ may be a little less known than the granny-bike, but it is just as solid and has the same classic appearance.

Granny- and grandpa-bike’s are for sale at the following locations:

Bicycleshop Laag Catharijne

De Fietsenwinkel Laag Catharijne

Rental & Repair Laag Catharijne