Cheap Bicycles

Cheap granny-bikes or other traditional women’s or men’s bikes, but also cheap racing bikes or mountain bikes … Laag Catharijne sells all kinds of affordable bicycles. We know better than anyone that everyone has different expectations of his or her bicycle and has different goals with it. Why buy an expensive bike if you just go back and forth to the station? Let you inform and advise about cheap bikes at the bike specialist in Utrecht!

What kind of cheap bicycles does Laag Catharijne have in stock?

The bicycle shops of Laag Catharijne in Utrecht all offer a wide range of robust bikes for a very reasonable price. This could be traditional granny-bikes, ladies’ bikes, men’s bicycles, but also electric bicycles or children’s bicycles.

Our regular brands affordable bicycles for a reasonable price are:

Laag Catharijne house brand: great city bikes for a super price.
Avalon: robust granny/grandpa bikes for an attractive price.

The cheap bikes that we have in stock can differ per week. So if you do not immediately see something of your liking, come back a few days later to check the new arrivals. And above all, let us know what you are looking for. We will give you a call when something new arrives that matches your interests.

Why are Laag Catharijne’s bicycles so cheap?

One of the reasons why the bicycle shops of Laag Catharijne in Utrecht can offer such cheap bicycles is that we have exclusive contacts with bicycle manufacturers. The cheap bikes we purchase come directly from the manufacturer. As a result, there is no middle man, and these additional costs are saved for you. Bicycle shop Laag Catharijne finds it important that the cheap bikes that are sold in her bicycle shops are solid and qualitatively in order. We will never sell you a bicycle that doesn’t not meet our high standards. This way you will never be surprised, and you can enjoy your cheap bike from bicycle shop Laag Catharijne for years.

Rather buy a secondhand bicycle?

The bicycle shops of Laag Catharijne in Utrecht also offer secondhand bicycles. We only sell secondhand bicycles in good condition (solid and qualitatively in order). The used bicycles that arrive at Laag Catharijne are completely refurbished and repaired. In most cases it is hard to see that they are secondhand. Come to one of our bicycle shops in Utrecht to browse between our large assortment of secondhand bicycles. The employees of Laag Catharijne are happy to help and inform you.

Cheap bikes are for sale at the following locations:

Bicycleshop Laag Catharijne

De Fietsenwinkel Laag Catharijne

Rental & Repair Laag Catharijne