Brik bikes

Interested in buying a Brik bike? Go to the Laag Catharijne bicycle shops. Brik is a relatively new bicycle brand that distinguishes itself from other brands of bicycles in many ways. Brik bikes are a high quality in terms of design, style and drive of Utrecht soil. What distinguishes Brik’s bicycles in particular is that they are provided with a cardan shaft instead of a bicycle chain. This means that the drive part of a Brik bike is virtually maintenance-free. The inventor of the brand, Wouter Eigenbrood, always wondered why cars switched from the chain to the cardan, but not bicycles. The Brik bike was born from that thought: a unique city bike with a good price-quality ratio. Every Brik bicycle is built according to the customer’s specifications. Brik believes that with a good bike also comes good service. Because ‘the absence of hassle is pure happiness’.

Brik bikes are for sale at the following locations:

Bicycleshop Laag Catharijne

Want to know more about the bikes from Brik? Take a look at the Brik website Brik website.