Rent a City Bike

Rent a city bike in Utrecht for € 7.50 a day at Laag Catharijne!

The bicycle is the best and fastest means of transport to explore Utrecht. If you rent a bike at Laag Catharijne in Utrecht, our staff will gladly advise you on selecting an interesting bike tour in Utrecht. You can also find nice bicycle tours in Utrecht via the website of the Province of Utrecht

The rental bikes of Laag Catharijne

huurfiets van Laag Catharijne

Our rental bikes are well maintained, are great for general road riding, and what is also very nice: they don’t immediately mark you out as a tourist. The bikes that we rent are the same type of bikes that you would buy yourself to ride in the city: robust, comfortable and without too much fuss. We never rent out a bike without checking it for possible defects. Do you still notice a problem with your rental bike? Simply exchange it for another one.

Prices City Bike Rental

type price per day location
city bike 7,50 euro De Fietsenwinkel Laag Catharijne
Rental & Repair Laag Catharijne

Good to Know

  • The minimum period for renting a bike is a day
  • As ‘caution money’, we require valid identification: a passport, ID card or driver’s license
  • We are closed on Sundays
  • If you would like to return the bike after opening hours, please let us know in advance. At our office on the Catharijnesingel you can return a rented bike outside opening hours and come back later to collect your ID and pay for the bike. You only pay for the day (s) that you have used the bicycle

Reserve a Bicycle?

Making a reservation is usually not necessary. Laag Catharijne has an extensive range of rental bikes. It will therefore not easily happen that all our city bikes are rented out. If you want to rent a bike, simply visit one of these locations:

Rental & Repair Laag Catharijne
De Fietsenwinkel Laag Catharijne

However, if you have special wishes or would like to rent more than 10 bicycles at the same time, it is wise to make a reservation in advance using the form below.

Make a reservation