Rent a Cargo Bike

Rent a cargo bike in Utrecht from 15 euros a day at Laag Catharijne!

Sometimes it can be extremely useful to have a cargo bike at your disposal. For example if you want to transport a large amount of goods by bicycle. Or if you want to transport your children to a field trip in a fun and environmentally friendly way. In such a case renting a cargo bike at Laag Catharijne is the practical thing to do.

The cargo bikes of Laag Catharijne

small cargo bike

small cargo bike from Laag Catharijne

The cargo bikes that are for rent at Laag Catharijne in Utrecht are of the brand, best tested in the cargo bike test of the Dutch Fietsersbond. They are very stable, safe for children, goods or groceries, and easy to use. More information on the cargo bikes rented out by Laag Catharijne can be found on the website

large cargo bike

large cargo bike

large cargo bike for special occasions

Prices Cargo Bike Rental

type price per day location
small cargo bike 15 euro Rental & Repair Laag Catharijne
large cargo bike 40 euro Rental & Repair Laag Catharijne

The large cargo bike can also be rented for half a day (09.00 – 13.30 or 14.00 – 18.30).
In that case the price is 22,50 euro.

Good to Know

  • The minimum period for renting a bike is a day
  • As ‘caution money’, we require valid identification: a passport, ID card or driver’s license
  • We are closed on Sundays
  • If you would like to return the bike after opening hours, please let us know in advance. At our office on the Catharijnesingel you can return a rented bike outside opening hours and come back later to collect your ID and pay for the bike. You only pay for the day (s) that you have used the bicycle

Reserve a Cargo Bike

small cargo bikelarge cargo bike